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La Bella Toscana has been in business now for twelve years, serving clientele worldwide wishing to travel to either Tuscany or the South of France.  The owner has lived in Italy for six years and owned properties in Nice for more than eight years, and now spends her time travellng between her home base in London and her home in Italy and France.  Her passion and love of all things European has driven the desire to entice travelers from all around the world to visit these two beautiful countries, and experience life as lived by the “natives” of both Italy and France, rather than through the eyes of a hotel room and travel package, giving her clients the opportunity to see and experience real life either under a “tuscan sun” or the beautiful seaside sun of the Cote d’Azur.  Her personal experiences and background of having lived in North America most of her life, give her the opportunity to make her clients stay in either country a first class vacation, with attention to detail and level of personal service provided by the management who work alongside her.

La Bella Toscana,
43-44 Nevern Square,
Flat 6,

Tel : (44) 781 332 8415

Whatever your desire, we will do our very best to make it reality for you.